How to Interview Real Estate Agents

How to Interview Real Estate Agents

When Realtor-Client relationships is run amiss, Realtors are able to cease communication with their clients all the while maintaining some sort of paycheck. They simply pass them along to a new agent, agreeing that the new agent will supply a referral fee at the time of closing. The goal however, is that a client finds a suitable Realtor to begin with. Referrals work the same way with any Realtor you don’t sign a contract with. This way, you can hire on representation free of charge, in order to find an appropriate agent at the onset of your experience.

Consumers should be particular about their realtors, like any other financial dealings in their lifetime. Because this is literally one of the largest transactions in a person’s financial lifetime, it is even more crucial to be diligent when choosing representation. Find a Realtor that will interview other Realtors for you.

First and foremost however, educate yourself about real estate. What are the opportunities this property will offer me in 5-10 years? Who will I be selling to? What if the market falls, how can I increase my net worth if it does?  There are answers to all of these questions, and you need to define your own questions, by defining yourself, your family, and your goals. Check out some more of my articles for free real estate education.

How to Interview Real Estate Agents

From the Top

When you choose to sell or purchase a property, you will undoubtedly encounter the need of a licensed dealer of real property. If you are diligent, you will interview several agents, and find they are all motivated to help you. They may be reserved and slightly aloof, but this was part of the training. The undoubted goal is to sign agency and close on a transaction. An entry level agent will make approximately 2,000$ per every 100,000$ in sales volume, before write offs. With this kind of motivation, its no wonder Realtors are not picky about their clients.

After being a part of the industry, I feel there is a large percentage of agents who are only interested in working clients through a sales model designed for selling dream homes. They work off your emotion and help create a picture in your mind, producing a willing and motivated home-owner.

They round you through a cycle with an eventual closing and paycheck. There are several things to blame, like the sheer number of Realtors and the competition for limited sales, or the big business practices of 21st century brokerage capitalists. So, when I interview agents, my questions are formulated to reveal myself as potential buyer or seller, you can also find more how you can interview with the knowledge and wherewithal of shark within the industry. We see the true knowledge and ethics of an agent come to light during this test.

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